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Smells like Blither, Tastes like Drivel (inauguration)

Blither: talk long-windedly without making very much sense

Drivel: talk nonsense

One of the benefits of having good friends who are also your tasting group is that they keep you consistent and accountable with how you describe a wine. Let me provide an example. One of our most descriptively demanding imbibers vehemently – at times – insists in being as specific, clear-cut, and unequivocal as possible when describing a beverage. This particular gentleman has perhaps most earnestly pursued more specific use of the term floral, specifically white flower. He contended correctly that there are countless white flowers exhibiting a myriad of aromas. To prove his point one party eve he proceeded to bring 6 different white flowers placed in 6 tasting glasses. (Yes we are real enological geeks). I know he had Freesia, Rose, and I believe Lemon Blossom. The lemon blossom smelled not quite of lemon, perhaps more like the rind. The Freesia a little like white pepper dashed on a Lily, and the roselike well I don’t remember (and am afraid to say like a rose). Through his many efforts we have been inculcated with a respect for more than specifying the floral term, but also for encouraging exactness as much as possible so that a description may be most easily understood.

OK, that was long winded but in the spirit of Blither. This new category is thus designed to share any fun bushwa we may see from time to time in wine descriptors. I hope you enjoy.

First up: soil-inflected white fruit. Now I may at one time used white fruit before being berated because of its vagueness (after all it includes bananas, apples, dates, and peaches). But soil-inflected? What does that mean? Remarkably, a google search of soil inflected revealed pages that all relate to wine. Huh?